Are you looking for an IT partner with broad experience in IT-outsourcing? Chain integration, architecture, software development, research computing, and maintenance of (legacy) systems? We are happy to help you further.


Sunbay Netherlands is a professional and ambitious supplier of IT products and services. We provide for national and international customers in for instance telecom, logistics, banking and financial services, advertising, public transport, scientific community, healthcare, and government.

Fields and projects

Sunbay provides consultancy, (custom) software development, chain integration, research computing, and maintenance. We have over 17 years of experience in technical implementations, both national as well as international in the following industries:

banking and financial services
public transport
government sector
professional services
sharing economy
institutional investors
internet economy
scientific research

Customer success stories

The following are examples of work done for current customers by Sunbay and Sunbay’s parent company, BizApps. To protect client privacy, Sunbay corporate policy is to cloak company names and other identifying features from promotional materials.

The Netherlands, contactless bank cards acceptance in public transport (EMV)


Sunbay is working on an innovation project together with RET and Translink. It’s a pilot project in which commuters can check in and out of the Rotterdam subway by using their contactless bank card. We have integrated the Sunbay systems with that of the provider of the OV chipcard for this pilot. Furthermore we have also built the following:

A website and mobile app for commuters. These give the commuter insight in his trips that have been paid with the bank card. If the commuter checks in, a notification will be pushed to his mobile device that he’s been checked in. Forgot to check out? The commuter can easily correct this through the app and will be reimbursed for the difference. If the commuter doesn’t have sufficient balance on his bank account the card will be temporarily blocked. He cannot travel further. Through the app the commuter can add more funds and continue his trip.
An app for conductors. They can check with a NFC mobile device if the commuter is checked in.
The test cards of all Dutch banks that provide bank cards with contactless payment have been successfully accepted in this pilot.


EMV-co Specificatie
PHP Artisan

Japan, Intellicoder: Mobile web access gateway


Through the “iMode WAP Gateway” the customers of all big Japanese mobile providers can make use of each other’s mobile networks. This project consists of all the big players on the Japanese mobile market like: iMode, DoCoMo, KDDI, J-Sky and WAP. De gateway delivers good speed, safety, reliability, scalability, is J2EE compliant and complies to all the user demands. The product is being used on J2EE-compatible servers like Weblogic, JBOSS, Cross-platform database support for MS SQL and Oracle. OS: Win2K, Linux, Solaris.


WebLogic 6.0
MS SQLServer 2000

USA, UPS-DSI logistical service provider: integration component as part of a bigger B2C application


In this project we integrated the online transport and tracking systems of DSI with the online tools of UPS: UPS Tracking, UPS Rates & Service Selection, UPS Time in Transit and UPS Address Validation. This integration gives the user important functionalities and possibilities to track orders and transports. For instance through the DSI tracking number or by selecting one of the many transport options based on the type of service, time of sending and cost. The user can also change the delivery address directly if this turns out to be incorrect.


Cold Fusion

Japan, Call Center Dashboard: online portal for analysing the performance of the call centre


Our Call Center Dashboard is an online solution for the gathering, monitoring and analysing the performance of the call centre. Through this tool the performance of the call centre can be monitored with one look. Based on these performances optimizations can be defined.


MS Windows 2003 (IIS)
MS SQLServer 2005

The Netherlands, Product The EOD Generator in Public Transport


Sunbay is the first in the Netherlands to develop a product based on the old and the newest version of the open architecture in the public transport. These are SDOA versions 2 and 3. The product is called EOD generator. With the EOD generator public transport operators, or other companies working with or on the OV chipcard, can build, import or adapt Equipment Operating Data files (EOD’s). With the EOD generator the party that offers the EOD files can easily update said files through an online portal. Because of this the process of updating EOD files have become more manageable and changes can be rolled out faster. Necessary updates because of changes in the SDOA will be performed automatically.


SDOA 2.x and 3.x Specification
SOA Architecture
MS SQL Database

Maintenance: maintenance of integral service package government


Sunbay maintains the integral service portal of the government for our partner Hydrogenic.

The portal spreads digital directives from the government to the municipalities concerned.

Maintenance legacy systems


Sunbay is specialized in taking on the maintenance of old systems that are difficult to maintain and/or in need of replacement. In general there are two possibilities:

the system is kept up and running until a replacement system is available
the system is upgraded so it complies to the most recent system requirements.
Sunbay specializes in support and development of a suitable maintenance scenario for your situation.

One of the leading global ISVs in service provider automation and virtualization solutions


Our client was experiencing severe productivity losses regarding internal communication and document sharing; their internal IT department was overloaded, so we stepped in with several solutions.
We managed software maintenance and re-engineered the company’s intranet sites. During our first month of work, the number of negative incidents related to intranet was reduced nearly 30%. Version control, user acceptance testing and incident management procedures were introduced shortening incident resolution times from more than two weeks to 2-3 business days.

A global leader in antivirus and endpoint protection software


We expanded the productivity of the company’s in-house engineering team whenever their workflow capacity was exceeded. In an industry where new security threats arise around the clock, every day of the year, we helped the company maintain its sterling reputation for innovation and excellence.

• White-labeled plug-in sets to provide protection for Internet services (IMs, P2P, FTP)
• Developed service desk portal for processing service requests based on MS SharePoint
• Created an integrated development environment for virus analysts, delivering all source information for antivirus development
• Engineered Internet crawler for multithreaded Web sites scanning, locating and downloading binary files for further analysis for viruses
• White-labeled Antivirus and Anti-spam for mail servers
• White-labeled Update Utility for customer’s antivirus software in corporate environment

Developer of an all-in-one data traffic optimization and security client-server software


In the modern workplace, employees work seamlessly in the office, at home, on the road and in the air. We created systems to help ensure constant communication and productivity on a wide variety of platforms.
For our client, we produce VPN solution for secure and stable communication between remote employees and the office regardless of their location and available communication channels.

Features and functionalities:
• Cross-platform solution (Windows, * nix, Symbian, MAC)
• Automatic switching between various wired and wireless communication channels according to user settings
• “Smart” data compression and caching to reduce the amount of data and the cost of transmission
• User authentication and data encryption to ensure secure transmission

Technical solutions
• Roaming solution for seamless switching between different kind of networks. Automatically keeps connected to optimal network to avoid termination of current sessions.
• Traffic compression.
• Secure communications.
• Client for all major platforms – Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS.
• Server side configuration of client’s settings.
• Extensive reporting on traffic optimization for capacity and service level management needs.
• Client less solution to compress and optimize traffic to match capabilities of specific devices.

• Capable to serve up to 10,000 clients per server node.
• 40-70% traffic compression rate.

• 10 years of continuous development and support of production systems all over the world.
• Dedicated core team of 10 software developers, expanding when needed.

One of the world’s top direct marketing companies, based in the US


We helped our client dramatically increase sales and sales force productivity, as well as sustain double-digit growth for years without proportional growth in costs, by designing an E-commerce system to better manage sales, inventory, communications and analysis.,/p>

Features and functionalities:
• E-Commerce application for the automation of full sales cycle, including:
o Placing orders
o Setting and monitoring of accounts
o Payment processing system
o Warehouse management
o Work with clients and consultants of the company
o Generating reports
• Technical support and maintenance of corporate legacy systems in more than 30 countries
• Design and technical support of corporate website

The leading US provider of enterprise software and information solutions for government contractors and companies with professional services


When our clients need to add new products and don’t have the staff to do so, we bring projects in on time and on budget.

Project Management Performance Portal
We designed an application to deliver project performance measurement to help our clients evaluate risks and their impact on the implementation of the project and identify “narrow” mission-critical jobs and cost parameters. This application was based on MS SharePoint and SAP Enterprise Portal

Assessment +
We designed a Web application to evaluate the effectiveness of project management and monitor the status and effectiveness of various programs operated by the company.

Japanese consulting company


In order to remain competitive, our client needed new ways to evaluate performance, share documents and make communications more efficient.

We delivered:

• Call Center Dashboard – Web application for evaluating the performance of call centers, data collection, data processing and calculation of analytical indicators
• Intellicoder – WAP-portal to ensure common content for primary mobile operators in Japan
• iPad CRM Client – Client application for CRM on the company’s server with the ability to view and edit

One of Russia’s leading financial institutions


Our client needed to automate business processes on their legacy system without interrupting workflow during the transition.

Features and functionalities:
• Workflow automation and configuration of event models based on MS SharePoint Portal Server

Russian Commercial Bank


Our client needed a variety of new applications to help streamline their workflow efficiency.

Features and functionalities:
• Client Proximity Application – Android based mobile application for bank managers to monitor clients who are nearby the bank.
• Minutes of Client Meetings – MS SharePoint based web-portal to manage notes and agreements and assignments from VIP client meetings
• Media Plans Coordination – We designed a separate corporate portal based on MS SharePoint that is capable to integrate with the LOTUS environment

Russia’s Leading Online Stock Trading Company


To improve employee productivity and increase document security, we created desktop applications for employees and re-engineered data storage systems.

Features and functionalities:
• Business processes automation, tuning, support and development. Integration with CRM system, internet portal, ORM systems

Retail bank, Ghana


We developed web-based Internet banking application for the bank’s retail customers.

Leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer, Switzerland


Retrieval and transformation (ETL) of financial and insurance data from legacy systems into XML data files with visual web access for users and API for external systems.

Technical solutions:
• Develop custom XML schema for legacy data structures.
• Data structures analysis and reengineering.
• Transform normalized data structures to hierarchical view
• Development of web services to feed data to external systems.

• More than 10 million records to analyze and transform.
• 45 external applications retrieving data through web services.

• 3,500 hours of analysis and development.

The third largest banking group in Switzerland and a leader in retail banking business


We created a control system to manage deposits for one of the largest banks in Switzerland. This software allows clients to transfer pension savings deposits into securities.

Features and functionalities:
• Compatible with external systems to provide and manage financial transactions
• Generates various quarterly and annual reports for clients and management
• Works with a large amount of data (about 4 million records)

Technical solutions:
• Implement collection of orders of bank end customers to invest pension savings into securities.
• Aggregation of customer requests into group of collective orders with further submitting such collective buy or sell orders to external investment bank.
• Reflect results of purchase or sell securities on deposit status and history
• Communicate corresponding financial transactions to internal bank accounting system.
• Reach legally required and managerial reporting of various weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly statistics. All reports are done in English, German, French and Italian languages.

• Around 100 internal active users of pension department.
• Processing of 1,500-2,000 individual orders every week.
• Around 300,000 active deposits and constantly growing.
• Over 4 million records of various data like personal data, deposits history, orders.
• 42 complex reports.

• Around 15,000 man hours of initial development.
• 10 years of technical support of production system.
• Continuous system development and improvements, 5,000 – 6,000 man hours per year.

One of Europe's leading comprehensive life insurance, pensions and financial solutions providers


We created an accounts management system to help our client remain competitive, operate efficiently and provide world-class service.

Features and functionalities:
• Monitor existing financial flows of insurance and insurance contracts
• Inform management about the status of the insurance accounts and the status of the holders of the insurance accounts at any time
• Perform various reports in English, German, Italian, French
• Manage correspondence with clients or their authorized representatives by telephone, fax, e-mail
• Manage assets and liability of all insurance and financial accounts and of all money flows related to those in the pension insurance fund.

Technical solutions:
• Implementation of current financial flows monitoring for insurance and insurance contracts.
• Management of all assets and liabilities and money transfers for account holders related to BVG Umbrella Fund.
• Internal bookkeeping of pension accounts as well as integration with central banking bookkeeping based on SAP.
• Interfaces to communicate with Swiss government, banks, account holders.
• Produce various reports in English, German, Italian and French.
• Tools to communicate with customers or their authorized representatives by phone, fax and e-mail.
• Asset and liability management of all insurance and financial accounts and of all money flows related to those in the pension insurance fund.
• Data warehouse. Archiving of all existed data related to account holders using additional interfaces for the archival system to store, recover and search all data using an alternative media storage.
• Automated payment entry of incoming payments received through the Postfinance system.

• Around 1 million of open accounts.
• Managing assets valued at over 4 billion Swiss francs.
• 50 internal users.
• 62 financial reports.

• Around 15,000 man hours of initial development.
• 8 years of technical support of production system.
• Dedicated team of 4 engineers to maintain, support and further develop the system.

Switzerland , Financial group comprised of units providing alternative investment, corporate finance, and wealth management services


We developed a custom E-commerce system to help our clients better serve their customers.

Features and functionalities:
• Proposals on the purchase (bid) and/or selling (ask) securities located on the OpenOTC server
• Each proposal has a number of priority parameters (including, but not always, price)
• The system compares the currently available offers by all adjusted criteria.
• If the recorded response proposal meets the requirements, both parties are invited to sign an agreement for the purchase and sale of the appropriate package of securities.

Japan, one of the largest advertising agencies


Having a great idea is one thing; effectively presenting a good idea is everything, especially in the world of advertising. We created a variety of multimedia products to help our clients effectively present proposals, campaigns and other marketing materials to their clients and related audiences.

Features and functionalities:
• Creator / Viewer – Desktop application for viewing of the multimedia material presentation;
• Lappla – Application for viewing marketing material provided in internal company format.

Analytical Center researching advertising markets in Russia and around the world


In the advertising business, media buying platforms mix multimedia, search capabilities, databases and presentation documents. We helped our client to develop proprietary tools to give them a competitive advantage.

Features and functionalities:
• Media buying system – automated system of advertising – the creation of functional blocks, which allow to view videos, measure the area and timing
• Creation and support of customer’s website – the new website works as a library of publications with catalog and search features

Russia , Agency of a major convention center in Moscow


We created a multimedia presentation disk to incorporate videos, panoramic images and narration in several languages.

Russia, Express delivery service company


We managed development, integration and support of an ERP system based on the 1C-Enterprise platform.

Deliverables included:

• Refactoring and performance tuning
• Reports
• Intersystem data exchange

Payment processor


We built an instant payments system.

Features and functionalities:
• System intended to receive instant payments through Kiosks, POS terminals, j2me portable devices, PC client. The solution is designed to support high transaction volume and does not depend on a specific set of POS equipment services.
• Multi-platform solution for Windows and *nix.
• Calculation and assessment of payment accounts, fees and commissions for the different agents.
• Compilation of all the necessary information for accounting reports.
• Adding and removal of payees without interruption to system operation.
• Easy scalability.
• Advanced fault tolerance.

Software solution provider for pharmacy industry


We developed a web-based rich UI frontend to distributed document repositories based on EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet.
Features and functionalities:
• Simple web based frontend for end users.
• Keeps track of variety of content storage backends over universal adapters.
• Possibility of synchronized operation across multiple document management systems
• User-friendly interface
Technical solutions:
• Development of unified internal API for major document management systems
• Internet Explorer based reach UI for end users that do not require DMS specific knowledge from end user.
• Intermediate business flow of documents processing transparently mapped on specific document storage
• Serving pharmacy companies up to 2,000 employees active in the system.
• Acting as front end to document management systems storing more than 2 million documents totally.

• 3,800 hours of analysis and software development.

Family-owned startup, seeking to establish communications between European physicians and hospitals


Physicians’ social network connecting medical practitioners to hospitals, exchange patients’ data and experience between practitioners.
Technical solutions:
• Dashboard, personal messaging.
• Global medical practitioners and clinics directory.
• Support of medical diagnostic specific formats to exchange patients’ data like X-ray, CAT etc.
• Education network.

• Capable to handle more than 10,000 registered medical practitioners and clinics.
• Stress tested under 5,000 requests per hour.

• 5,100 hours of analysis, design, software development and integration.

Russia, Women’s clothing producer


We managed development, integration and support of an ERP system based on the 1C-Enterprise platform.

• Architecture design
• Data migration
• Automation of factory documents creation for accounting.

Germany, supplier of products, solutions and services for industrial process measurement and automation


We re-engineered the selection system for industrial control devices produced by the client. The product was delivered to our client’s customers as an on-line service and on CDs.

Technical solutions:
• Standalone solution delivered as on-line service as well as on CD to key customers.
• Wizard to assist with selection of the most suitable measuring technology or product for customer’s industry.
• Compare measuring principles, instruments and components and calculate precisely the sizing of the measuring point using complicated physical formulas.
• Implementation of Flow meter, Energy, Diaphragm Seal, Thermowell and Gamma calculations
• Assistant to configure an instrument to customer’s environment so an order could be placed.
• Verify and store product details, configuration, certificates and documentation.
• Manage engineering projects right from the start and store the relevant parameters and documents for reuse.

• Database of 580 measurement instruments produced by the company.
• Several hundred parameters stored and monitored for each instrument.
• Around 100 complicated physical formulas to calculate dependencies of the parameters.

• Around 12,000 man hours of initial development.
• 5 years of technical support of production system.
• Dedicated team of 5 engineers to support and develop the system.

Russia, Car sharing startup in Moscow


Ride sharing has disrupted the taxi and limo industry around the world. Many companies enter the market, but the few that survive gain market share rapidly with easy to use consumer technology. We helped our client from the very beginning, with system concepts to support their business model. Once funded, we developed the site’s architectural design, UI, data storage, mobile and web client apps, CRM, accounting and online payment.

Russia, National executive body providing public services related to real estate property rights


Our client hired us to create a new surveyors’ professional certification system using an existing database.

• System of surveyors’ certification – automated system for managing professional competency assessment and certification of surveyors.
• Inventory engineers register system – support and development of an automated register of inventory engineers.

Technical solutions
• Automation of entire process for professional certification of surveyors – registration, tests attendance, video monitoring of testing, compliance of test results with all legal protocols and submission for further approval and registration.
• Maintaining the register of surveyors. Store history of professional activities, changes of personal data, status and so on. Responding to inquiries from citizens received over internet portal.
• Eliminated the need for paper documents by the use of Digital Signatures issued by certified government bodies throughout the system.

• 37,000 and constantly growing number of surveyors.
• More than 2 million records covering surveyors’ records on employment, professional activity, and personal data.
• More than 100 internal registration department users actively working with the system.
• 5,000 – 10,000 requests of internet users per day to public portal with extended search and reporting functionality.

• Around 5,000 man hours of initial phase analysis and development
• 6 years of technical support of production system.
• More than 15,000 hours of analysis and development of new functionality.

Russia, one of the largest private institutional investors


Our client needed an updated and expandable asset management system to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders, each with varying levels of technical skill.
We designed a system to optimize the work of the experts, heads of departments, senior management and shareholders of the corporation who need to keep a record of the existing assets of the corporation, receive analytical reports on the status of assets, track decisions concerning corporate governance bodies, or keep records of primary documents related to the issues above. This product was based on EMC Documentum software.

Technical solutions:
• Adapt corporate property-related documents to centralized EMC Documentum based storage.
• Reflect complex managerial structure in access rights based on documents’ content.
• Fully customized look and feel of EMC Documentum front end in accordance with corporate identity of the customer.
• Extended reporting including Visio diagrams of hierarchical property structure of one of largest financial corporation of Russia.

• Over 60,000 companies owned by financial institution.
• Over 2 million of properties all over Russia hierarchically connected to each other and to businesses.
• More than 200 simultaneous internal corporate users.
• More than 4 million documents, scanned, indexed and managed in accordance with corporate standards.

Russia and former Soviet Union, electronic document management system for one of the leading telecommunications providers


Our client needed an electronic document management system for storing, managing and sharing corporate financial and accounting documents.

Features and functionalities:
• Automation and unification of documents between more than 90 regional branches and head office.
• Processing of text and graphic documents.
• Metadata unification, processing, storage and search of metadata.
• This product was based on the EMC Documentum software.

Technical solutions:
• Receive and store in central repository accounting electronic as well as scanned paper documents from regional bookkeeping departments.
• Provide access to the documents to authorized company employees.
• Custom attributes and workflow for all kind of accounting documents.
• Extended access control for employees.

• Over 80 bookkeeping offices
• Up to 100,000 documents submitted daily.
• Around 200 internal users

• 4,200 hours of analysis, platform customization, software development and integration.

Russia and former Soviet Union, intranet portal for one of the leading telecommunications providers


IBM WebSphere-based intranet portal for employees of all levels. Developed corporate library and open positions/applications management services.

Technical solutions:
• Standalone portlets in accordance with JSR 168 portlet specifications were developed.
• Integration of the portlets into corporate portal infrastructure.
• Public interface for company job board, applicant tracking system.

• Around 500,000 books and magazines registered and managed in the library
• 1,000 – 2,000 candidates monthly applying over applicant tracking system.
• More than 20,000 employees having access to the portal.

• 4,900 hours of analysis, platform configuration, development and integration.

Russia and Ukraine, One more leading telecommunications carrier


We designed a system of management and analysis of telephone numbering plan for landline and VoIP subscribers.

Features and functionality:
• Collects actual routing, collisions and status information from telephone switching hardware.
• Enables engineers to analyze state of switches, routing configurations, collisions and so on.
• Generates technical reports as result of analysis.

• 25 telephone switches of different size
• 150 numbering plans
• 500,000 landline phone numbers
• 50 engineers actively working with system

• 4,500 hours of initial analysis and development
• More than 10,000 hours of further technical support and development

Russia and Ukraine, leading telecommunications carrier tool to track of carrier hardware failures and management of related incidents


We produced a tool to track of carrier hardware failures and management of related incidents throughout their lifecycle, from opening to resolution.
Technical solutions:
• Identify hardware failures over SNMP and other hardware monitoring protocols from components as well as upon manual input.
• Tracking hierarchical dependencies of hardware components and automatically identify branches of network as temporarily unavailable due to root level incident.
• Complete incident management process automation involving technical and administrative carrier staff, until complete incident resolution.
• Various statistic reports on troubles registered as well as flow of their resolution.
• Serves both landlines and VoIP circuits.
• Around 500,000 end users being notified on technical failure.
• 300-500 incidents a week registered and resolved.
• 45 statistic reports.
• 100 internal users of the carrier.

• 3,200 hours of initial analysis and development.
• Dedicated team of 2 engineers to support and develop the system for 3 years.

Startup planning to market a product and service catalogue management system for large carriers


Product and service catalogue management system designed to support service providers’ business.

Technical solutions:
• Workflow management to control products and services lifecycle.
• Rich user interface to manage products and service catalogues.
• Interfaces to external systems to feed service status information and change management related updates.

• 2,500 hours of interviewing subject matter experts, subsequent analysis and development of system specification.
• 25,000 hours of product development in 5 iterative phases.

The Netherlands, mobile media content distribution company, delivering content to consumers over SMS and Internet, with representative offices in 8 major countries


Mobile content storage, management and distribution system. Content is managed by client’s staff and delivered over SMS and Internet portals to consumers.

Technical solutions:
• Integration with SMS gateways.
• Complex data structures to group and categorize content for management and selective delivery.
• Dynamically convert content to quality and format specific to the consumer’s device.
• Processing with pictures, sounds and mobile games as content.
• Financial and analytical reporting on content purchase history and trends.

• More than 10 million content items.
• 5-20 content requests per second.
• 120 internal users managing content and operating the system.
• 24/7 availability serving consumers around the globe.

• Around 20,000 hours of initial development over 4 iterations.
• Team of 4 dedicated engineers to support the system.
• More than 40,000 hours of further system development during 4 years.

Provider of tools to distribute and monetize audiovisual media content through its own consumer portals and via software utilized by public media companies


The platform based on EMC Documentum stores and structures media content and content specific attributes. The content with embedded ads is retrieved by various front end applications.

Technical solutions:
• EMC Documentum is utilized to store and manage audio and video content.
• Content is modified by advertisements on the fly in accordance with system settings.
• API to external front end systems, like web sites or mobile apps.
• Extensive usage of clustering and distributed computing.

• Capable to handle up to 500 requests of per second.
• 10 public internet services – radio, HD video gallery, TV channels – utilizing the platform as back end.
• Handling more than 2 million of content items.

• 5,000 hours for initial customization of EMC Documentum and development of custom API for content customization and retrieval.
• 2 years of technical support once platform went live.
• 2,000 hours to improve and implement the system.

Railroad maintenance authority


We designed a system to collect diagnostic data upload from trains and other rolling stock over Wi-Fi connection while stopped at a rail station. Uploaded data is validated and stored for further interpretation by a specialist and determination of causes of defects in the railway.

Technical solutions:
• Secure interface to accept diagnostic data from every railcar of a stopped train.
• XML data validation.
• Data integrity verification and initiating response to alarming diagnostic data.

• Accepts 2,000 – 3,000 uploads per hour.
• 500 internal users analyzing alarming diagnostic data.

• 4,000 hours of analysis, design, software development and integration.

Bioinformatics support for scientific research


Scientific research is moving towards a data-driven approach where the amount of data ready for analysis is rising dramatically. Sunbay provides support for the scientific research at any stages from the evaluation of the bioinformatics method to optimization of the current workflows. Here is a short list of the most common services what have been requested by individual scientists and research labs:

• Genome assembly and annotation using data from the public databases.
• Development and execution of bioinformatics pipelines.
• High-quality Variant Calling in separate genes.

• Differential gene expression of specific transcripts and validation of associations.

Research Computing


Sunbay offers an expertise in the research computing including but not limited to:

• Simulation of various scientific models.
• Processing Next-Generation Sequencing data in an efficient manner.
• High-throughput screening in High-performance computing or Cloud environment.


Sunbay is part of BizApps which was founded in 1998 by four developers. We have grown into an international organisation with offices in The Netherlands (Sunbay), Moscow and the Ukraine and we have over 80 IT specialists on our payroll.  We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects in the last 20 years for our clients in Russia, Europe, North America and Japan.

We guarantee that we will provide our clients in less time and for less money with a better level of IT-solutions.

To be able to guarantee this we make optimal use of our many available experts using our resources and production processes, including strict quality control.

The best proof of this guarantee is our long and successful collaboration with well known companies  like Mary Kay and a well known Russian antivirus software company. We are the only outsourcing company that this antivirus software company works with in the development of their in-Box software product. We see this exclusive relationship as proof of our high quality and performance standards.


If you have any questions about our services, products or rates, please, feel free to call or mail us.